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Received a letter in the mail? Please let us explain below.

Effective 02/12/2021

Dear Grand Blanc Eyes Patient,

Thank you for being a valued patient in our family office. We have some positive 2021 New-Year news to share with you and all of our patients who have Davis Vision as their managed vision benefits plan provider.

Davis Vision has made it difficult for us to continue to meet our high standards for quality eye care and customer service. We are unable to offer you the quality of care you deserve if we’re spending too much time wrangling with Davis Vision.

Therefore, after long and careful consideration, Grand Banc Eyes has decided to become an open-access provider with Davis Vision. This is a different tier with the vision plan. While we won’t be in-network, we can still provide you with services/materials and verify your insurance benefits/coverage. We’ll be able to offer more amenable pricing transparency and continue with the same standard of care.

Our practice decided to move in this direction to ensure continuity of care and provide you with the best level of service. Here are three reasons why this will benefit you.

  • ‍Concierge service – Navigating through insurance can be challenging. Our team has the experience to help you understand your vision insurance coverages and help you use them. We are able to pull your insurance eligibility coverage and let you know how much you will pay for services and how much insurance will reimburse you directly. We will still submit all claims for you to Davis Vision.
  • Our partnerships – Because we are transitioning to an open-access network practice, we are able to continue to select our own local Michigan labs we work with to ensure you get a high quality of services/materials each and every time. (No more broken lenses/frames returned to us with 3-4+ week delays, nor fear it will break in a couple months.) Now, we can even cut your lenses in our in-house optical lab instead of sending them to Davis Vision to learn they were lost.
  • More options – Pre-paid vision plans like Davis Vision dictate which types of frames you can choose from. You will no longer be limited in the type of materials/frames/non-glare coatings/contacts available. With this change, anything you see out on display at our practice you can still purchase and STILL have your insurance cover some/all of the cost.

The difference is that payment is due at the time of service and the reimbursement check will be sent directly to you in 3-4 weeks from Davis Vision. It acts like a rebate program to you, without insurance dictating who you can or cannot seek services from. Again, we still bill your insurance, and file the claim on your behalf. We also offer payment plans participating with CareCredit if you prefer to pay after your reimbursement check without interest.

You may reach our practice at: (810) 694-EYES(3937). It would be our pleasure to answer any questions you have. We understand not everything always goes the way we planned. We love to talk–so please let us know how we can help you better, and let our expert team help get you the care you need.

We would like to take a moment to thank you for continuing to be our patient. It is our pleasure to serve you. We appreciate everyone’s patience as we have worked with this insurance company over the past 3 years. As a family office, we have personally taken a financial loss with the insurance provider Davis Vision. They continue to not pay on some of your claims, give us 6-8 hour call hold times, and fail to return our emails/calls. The insurance provider’s poor business practices are being investigated by the US Attorney General to hold Davis Vision accountable to provide the benefits you have paid for. We implore you to present this letter to your HR department so they are aware of the situation and the stance of the American Optometric Association. We want you to have continuity of care with us and we value the relations and trust you have put in us. We assure you; the frustrations will not be passed on to you. We pride ourselves with the tailored-VIP comprehensive care we provide. It was what we had to do to give the very best care to our patients.

We will continue to serve you onward. Your eyes are the most important thing to us.

We at Grand Blanc Eyes exist for one thing: Excellence in Eye Care.


With sincere regards,

Ann A. Walker, OD
Timothy D. Walker, OD
Matthew J. Agnone, OD
Stacey A. Alarie, OD, FAAO
Morganne P. Bayliss, OD    Last updated 01/04/2021 9:35pm